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Street Address: Level 6, 180 Thomas Street, Haymarket, 2007 NSW

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Managing employees and keeping your workplace safe is a big part of business success and that is why Maitland Business Chamber has partnered with Employsure.

Finding the time in a busy work day to ensure you are meeting employment and health and safety requirements can be daunting, and it is often the aspect of a business that is overlooked, sometimes, until it is too late. Together, Employsure and Maitland Business Chamber can help.

Employsure is Australia’s leading workplace relations specialist, working directly with employers to build the solid foundations for business success, starting with a fair and safe workplace. They provide over 10,000 Australian business owners and employers with specialised advice, assistance, and the immediate solutions when it comes to employment relations and work health and safety concerns. This is their passion and the way we help our clients succeed.

If you would like free workplace advice or assistance on anything from managing a difficult employee to implementing parental leave or work health and safety systems, simply contact your Maitland Business Chamber representative, ask for the Employsure reference number and call Employsure on 1300 798 990 quoting this reference number.

Additionally, we also hold free seminars to the general public on topical workplace relation issues.
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