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Welcome To The Maitland Business Chamber

Maitland, in the Hunter Valley of NSW, Australia, is the "Can Do City", and we are the "Can Do Chamber".
Whether by supporting current members of the business community or helping to attract new businesses to the city, Maitland Business Chamber exists to:
  • support and lobby on behalf of members,
  • encourage business growth and prosperity,
  • promote the city and region to investors and businesses,
  • help members learn from their peers and others through regular networking functions and events.
maitland seminar
maitland seminar
The Maitland Business Chamber has spent the best part of seven decades working to create a positive and supportive environment for business and commerce in the local area. 

The way in which we do this is enshrined within Our Charter and within the Documents and Resources which we use to assist and support our members, and is overseen by the dedicated individuals on Our Committee.
There is no better place to do business than Maitland.
For statistical information on Maitland and the region visit Councill's website at www.maitland.nsw.gov.au.


Chambers of Commerce are established all over the world and are generally, recognised as being representative of business operators in that region. The Maitland Business Chamber is made up of local business women and men who work together to strive toward the promotion of business excellence.

Join Our Members and discover the opportunities in Maitland.

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