Chamber Chat: Disruption

  • By Jem Perez
  • 27 Mar, 2017

Maitland Mercury: Monday, 27 March 2017

chamber chat disruption

Chamber Chat: Disruption
Craig McGregor, President, Maitland Business Chamber

In business we hear the words disruption and marketing come together and only after witnessing such excellent execution at our last Chamber meeting that I now believe this is truly powerful. So best keep an eye out for what I can achieve for the chamber and my business, disrupting the world.

When we hear disruption, we think mainly of apps and businesses like Uber. Changing a market turning perception of how things have always been traded into something new.

Yes at our last chamber meeting the CEO of Mai Wel Pennie Kearney did disrupt our meeting by taking a stress phone call at the start and then she launched something that Donald Trump would call ‘Fake News’ with an outstanding video clip produced to disrupt the rooms perception of young job seekers.

Maybe Mai Wel didn’t disrupt the marketplace and radically change how we do something like Uber but this simple yet highly effective piece of marketing totally changed the people in the rooms perception of Mai Wel.

We live in a new world of social media and online connection, but at our last chamber meeting 8 real young people stood in front of close to 100 Maitland business people and changed how these people perceived them but it also radically changed the Mai Wel brand.

At past chamber meetings Pennie has informed us about the youth transition to employment program and Mai Wel’s success in this space. It wasn’t until we all physically saw these young characters that our minds totally shifted with Mai Wel. After decades of being a local force in disability support one morning at a Maitland Business Chamber meeting Pennie’s team and a great group of young people not only disrupted our meeting but changed a brand in less than 10 minutes!!!

Speaking of change – it has finally come time for the chamber to wish Fiona well in her career evolution. We are encouraging members and partners of the Maitland Chamber to come and share a farewell drink with Fiona on Friday 31/3 from 5pm at the Whistler Bar. I will be booking Pennie Kearney an Uber to ensure she keeps her disruptive behaviour to a minimum.

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