Chamber Chat: Maitland's Champion Darcy Inspired Nation

  • By Jem Perez
  • 22 May, 2017

Maitland Mercury: Monday, 22 May 2017

Chamber Chat: Maitland's champion Darcy inspired nation

Maitland Business Chamber

It’s a week when the town reflects on our champion Les Darcy, the man who inspired the flood plans and eventually a nation. I have been reading about Maitland’s favorite son and yes the boy could fight, but it is the stories of his commitment to family that is what really inspires me.

He is a man that sacrificed his body with a goal of setting up his family’s financial future. He is also a man that took a massive risk and went against the convention of the time to fight for his family’s future in the US as opposed to fighting in WWI.

For the business owners involved in the Maitland Chamber our sacrifices may not be as large but our commitment to creating financial prosperity or building something that our family will be proud of is what drives most entrepreneurs.

Believing in yourself and taking a risk is extremely difficult and takes more than bravery. It is the owners and managers of businesses backing themselves each and every day which inspires me and drives me harder in my own business but also in my role as Chamber president to represent the business community of Maitland.

Reflecting on our history whilst always pushing forward is an important part of community and although Les Darcy was a sporting icon, it is his values and determination that has inspired our town for 100 years and his legacy will live on.

Finally today I would like to pay tribute to another history breaking leader of Maitland. Our Mayor last week announced he will be stepping down from a post he has held for over 20 years. I am sure figurately he feels after such a long bout he has taking as many hits as Les, but it is clear he has swung as hard as Darcy when fitting for our community. Congratulations Mr Blackmore from all at the Chamber and we truly hope you enjoy the future that lies in front of you with your family.

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