Chamber Chat: Youth Unemployment - It's Our Problem Too

  • By Jem Perez
  • 24 Apr, 2017

Maitland Mercury: Monday, 24 April 2017

Chamber Chat: Youth unemployment - it's our problem too!

Maitland Business Chamber

All too often the youth are criticised for being lazy, needy and high maintenance. It’s a stereotype that the current youth really don’t deserve. Stereotyping of any age puts up barriers that may not be there otherwise.

Regardless of the business decision, make the judgement on the person in front of you. Understand that this person will not be used to an interview environment. Give them every opportunity to succeed.

I put to all businesses that youth unemployment is our problem too. It’s in our interest to take on young, untrained staff. And, actually, it can be very rewarding.

Youth are not afraid of technology and they are happy to embrace technological change. This is particularly important as we move into a technology revolution.

Young people have a natural curiosity. They are innovative and are increasingly more open to change than many older workers.

Young employees can bring fresh ideas into a business that will help it maintain relevance in quickly changing markets. They know what’s selling now, and are often “on trend”. Social networking must be considered as it’s a vital aspect and young people can keep your business in touch with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

Employing young people gives the power to the employer to train them to work to meet the needs of their business. There is often no baggage with a young employee as it’s their first job.

More often than not, they are flexible and can do unusual work hours. There is little to no stigma about working weekends and being called in at a moment’s notice.

Think about the alternative. Young people who don’t work and are not contributing become disengaged, can suffer depression, can turn to crime. Have a think about this cost to our economy. Who pays the cost?

Youth that have never worked are very hard to get into the workforce for the first time as their confidence is low. It ends up being a very tricky start to their working life. A great deal of businesses demand staff with experience. Where did they get that experience? Who gave them a go? Constantly requesting experienced only staff will drive up your wage cost, hiring young staff will assist your wage cost.

Further, young people will always remember the business that gave them a go. So give them a go and not only your business will reap the rewards, our community will benefit too.

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