Our Charter


First incorporated in 1949, the Maitland Chamber is designed to promote and nurture business throughout the whole Maitland Local Government Area.

In 2014, the latest charter was drawn up as a means of upholding and updating the provisions of the Maitland Business Chamber for the 21st-century commercial landscape. The following points are covered;
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In 2017, Maitland Business Chamber has the following objectives:


To strengthen the point of contact between business, the community, and the local environment, reinforcing each side of this triangle and forcing lasting commercial partnerships which benefit all.


To provide comprehensive and ongoing support to local business in Maitland and to assist as they build new, exciting and diverse enterprises which will stand the test of time.


The Maitland Business Chamber is built upon the following values;
  • Integrity
  • Strong leadership
  • Perpetual improvement and development
  • Excellence and innovation
  • Transparency
  • Superlative standards of professionalism and ethics

Join Our Members and discover the opportunities in Maitland.


The Maitland Business Chamber is driven to fulfil the following objectives;
1- To achieve a business environment in which local organisations can thrive, protecting the trade commerce and manufacturing sectors in Maitland. This involves collecting, retaining and disseminating the relevant data to organisations which need it.

2- To work independently from local government and council bodies to either oppose or support legislative measures in the local area, thus protecting the interests of our members.

3- To work to settle business disputes which may arise in Maitland and use arbitration measures to achieve outcomes which are fair and mutually acceptable.

4- To build our understanding, and that of our members, on the latest legislation and business best practices, as well as staying abreast of technological advances.

5 - To advocate on behalf of local businesses

6 - To build links between businesses and the local community, local government and local trade associations in the Maitland area.
These goals, along with the vision and mission statement of Maitland Business Chamber, have been formulated especially to tie in with and to build upon - the provisions of the Chamber’s original Articles and Rules, laid down with the Chamber in 1949.

These are;

- The promotion and protection of trade, commerce, shipping and manufacturing in Maitland and to consider all questions connected therewith, to collect and disseminate statistical and other information relating to trade, commerce, shipping and manufacturing;

- The promotion of or opposition to legislative measures, or other political or legal concerns, affecting the above interests

- To undertake by arbitration, the settlement of disputes arising out of trade and to do all other things incidental to the attainment of the above objects.
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